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Angeline Osorio


Raul Osorio, Md



Dr. Raul Osorio started with just a few volunteers accompanying him on his missions of mercy.  The team has grown to more than 60 volunteers per mission.  They spend their vacations traveling to Peru to help others. 

You can help

The Osorio Foundation needs contributions of money and medical equipment and supplies  to continue its important medical outreach efforts in Peru.  

Won't  you join us?

To continue saving lives, improving health care and providing medical training to local residents in Caraz, the Osorio Foundation needs financial contributions.  It also needs donated medical equipment and supplies. 


The goal of our medical missions is to provide the best possible medical assistance and care to the very needy residents of the Peruvian Andres. 


Now, the Osorio Foundation needs your help

Ken Osorio, M.D.

Chairman, President